I'm excited to meet you, and can only imagine the adventures we will share.

I've put together a few packages to give you an idea of what our time together might be like. Of course, there is always the bespoke engagement if you are one to come up with a unique instance of how we may enjoy each other's company.

Something amazing happens when one is truly given the freedom to feel, to smell, to touch and to see. When you are with me, I will enrapture you with my unique ability to let the rest of the world melt away.

New Client Considerations

Acquaintance 1 Hour $800
Rendezvous 90 Minutes $1200
Intimate Rendezvous 2 Hours $1500
Cocktails 3 Hours $2200
Dinner Date 4 Hours $2800
Lustful Fantasy 6 Hours $3800

Returning Client Considerations

Rekindle 1 Hour $1000
Rendezvous 90 Minutes $1400
Intimate Rendezvous 2 Hours $1700
Cocktails 3 Hours $2400
Dinner Date 4 Hours $3000
Lustful Fantasy 6 Hours $4000

Extended Engagements

Day Time 12 Hours $7000
Night Time 14 Hours $7500
A Day & Night 24 Hours $9500
Weekend 2 Days $14,500
Long Weekend 3 Days $19,500
Blissful Week 7 Days $39,000
Each additional day past 7 +1 Day +$2500
Monthly Arrangement 4 Weeks Inquire
Annual Arrangement 12 Months Inquire

Fly Me To You

West Coast 4 Hour Minimum Add 500 to rates
East Coast 6 Hour Minimum Add 1000 to rates
International 12 Hour Minimum Add 1500 to Rates

My Policies & Etiquette

Life happens. If you need to cancel, I understand. Please view my policies below:

48 hours notice is required for cancellations of engagements up to 3 hours in duration. Engagements longer than 3 hours, require 72 hours notice to cancel.

Cancellations after these time frames will require a 50% CANCELLATION FEE via E-Gift Card. No-shows & cancellations within 24 hours of our meeting will require a 100% fee!

Overnight Engagements will incur an automatic 50% Fee if canceled at any point after the appointment has been made and a 100% Fee if canceled within 24 hours of our meeting. You will also be responsible for reimbursing me for any paid travel expenses if the overnight is a FMTY.

Unpaid cancellation fees, will result in the distribution of your information across an expansive network of companions and agencies, for a lifetime block.

For outcalls in NYC, SF & LA please add $200 to any engagement under 3 hours. My round-trip UBER fare is always covered by the gentleman, in any city. Please inquire for an accurate outcall rate.

~In-Date extensions, when available, are $800 an hour.

~Couples add $500 to any engagement

~Duets add $500 to any engagement

~Engagements of 3 hours or longer require some time in a public/social environment. If for you are unable to leave or want to stay in the entire duration of our engagement, then please add $200 for each hour booked beginning with the 3rd hour.

~For new clients, engagements longer than 4 hours require a 15% deposit. Please inquire about deposit details.

~All overnight engagements require 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep time. In the event that you would like to have a slumber party or wake me for a late night “conversation”, please add a $2000 night owl fee for each night that our slumber party continues.

All travel costs, including UBER and 1st or business class airfare, are covered by the gentleman. You are responsible for my 4 or 5 star accommodation, if the Fly Me To You is not a 12 hour overnight. A 50% deposit is required in advance to book the FMTY.

In addition to the Consideration and Travel cost, there will also be a FMTY fee. This fee is for the time it takes me to travel to you and back. The FMTY fee will vary depending on your distance from me.

Monthly Arrangements are prepaid in 3 month installments.

Annual Arrangements are paid in 2 six month installments. At the end of the first 6 month cycle you will make a 2nd payment for the remaining 6 months.

I prefer cash, but I do accept all major credit cards via PayPal. I also accept Bank Wires. PayPal and Wires are reserved for my regular clients only and must be sent 5 business days prior to our engagement. This allows for the PayPal or Wire payment to clear into my account prior to our engagement. Please add 3% to the total when using PayPal.

A discreet LLC name will appear on your credit card statement.

I experience a very high volume of requests, and as such, am rarely available for same day meetings, and often recommend a minimum of 48 hours’ notice for new suitors.

This will ensure you will be able to schedule the time slot you would prefer and there is also sufficient notice to do a proper verification to ensure a high-quality engagement.

Priority is given to longer engagements and regulars. Please note that I do not discuss “services” as arrangements are for my time and company only.

When you first reach out to me, please send a thoughtful email and share a little about yourself with me. Please provide the date and time you would prefer to meet and whether you would like to come to me or have me come to you.

Screening is absolutely required and there are no exceptions. There are several options for verification so that can be found on my Book Me page.

Emails that are missing booking details, screening information, or impolite, will not be responded to.

Never discuss services or the consideration during our session. Chemistry is important and is different from person to person. If you try to discuss the aforementioned things, unfortunately, I will have to terminate our date immediately.

Please have a pre-counted consideration ready upon my arrival and placed in an unsealed greeting card or envelope. Please place the envelope on the bathroom counter before my arrival or within 5 minutes of our date.

If we meet in public, please use a gift bag, or place the consideration in a greeting card or envelope in a book or magazine and then hand it to me discreetly.

Please do not negotiate the consideration for my time. Any discussions or negotiation of my time during our date is unacceptable. Any clarification should be handled before our date.

If there is any mention of any illegal activities during our date, this will result in immediate termination of our time together as well as all future contact.

Hygiene is of utmost importance to me. I take great pride in my appearance and have impeccable hygiene. I expect the same of you! Please be well groomed, have fresh breath and be freshly showered when we meet. If needed, a shower and toiletries will be available for your use if I am hosting.

I do not do “off-the-clock” dates. While I do enjoy an affection for my gentleman suitors, please do not ask me to meet you for any time without a consideration no matter how long we have known each other. This includes coffee or lunch.

As a professional VIP companion, people find me fascinating enough to invest in having my undivided attention, and what we do with our time or where we spend it has no bearing on how much the time costs. I am rewarded for my time and company only.

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